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The above photo was taken at Nauset Beach, Massachusetts, United States.

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* * * I have previously offered various services here however am currently happily employed. * * *

The following information is supplied for general interest. A more detailed Resume is available to selected parties.

UNIX Systems Consultant and software engineer experienced in:

  • System Administration - Linux and Solaris.
  • Embedded Systems - Linux porting and low level software development.
  • Networking - Wired and Wifi with some web development.
  • Security - Trusted Linux systems using grsecurity, selinux, freeswan, etc.

The best way to contact me is by email at jcm@jonmasters.org or by calling my mobile on +44 7776 131337 and leaving a message if I do not answer immediately. Please see my contact page for further information.

I have experience with Systems Administration on Solaris and GNU/Linux systems. I have often used Debian, however I also have worked with and speak RedHat, SuSE, Slack, Gentoo and a number of other GNU/Linux variants besides. On the embedded front, I have worked with Montavista Professional 3.1 and 4.0 as well as Carrier Grade, Mobilinux and various older product versions (Hardhat Linux). I generally prefer rolling my own environment for an embedded system (PTXdist and crosstool). I have a collection of machines running weirdly random combinations of the aforementioned environments, SPARC Solaris and Mac OS X too. I have worked for a number of companies in the South East (mainly London).

I have been a UNIX user for almost 10 years, and in this time have come accross small, medium and very large systems (including Sun E10K size and beyond). I am also experienced in networking technologies and have taken care of several site networks. I have installed, configured and managed equipment and created custom firewall/router solutions for external links - including VPNs, remote management capabilities, and so forth.

I am a Linux kernel engineer and also a Linux systems programmer, with experience in embedded systems development. This includes Xilinx FPGA systems (Virtex II/Virtex 4) based upon Linux and other kernels. Porting Linux to a new platform provides a wealth of knowledge in this area.

I speak several computer languages, from the more regular C/C++ and Java to Pascal, Modula-2 and even Oberon! Also I have experience in Prolog and a number of others besides. I understand SPARC/PowerPC assembly.

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