jcm portrait

Photo: Jon Masters.
UNIX and embedded Linux systems consultant, programmer, and writer.

The above photo was taken at Nauset Beach, Massachusetts, United States.

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The best way to contact me is by email at jcm@jonmasters.org, by calling my UK number on +44-118-321-8364, or by calling my US number on +1-617-759-1337. Both numbers ultimately reach the same phone. My GPG key for signed correspondence is 16471F11.

I spend most of my time in North America, so assume that I'm on US Eastern Time, for the mostpart. When I'm in the UK, you can probably find me somewhere in Reading or London on the average week. You might have more luck trying me on IRC - on freenode, oftc, and selected other networks.

Please avoid sending me HTML mail or Microsoft Office attachments.

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